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SAVE TAKAE! Emergent Call from TAKAE

Emergency Call from TAKAE

    Takae is in a state of emergency from the morning of 11th July, when the dump trucks for the U.S. base facility construction suddenly gathered at the site with the Okinawa riot police. It means that the Japanese government attempts to resume the construction of the helipads i.e. "Osprey pads" in the Northern Training Area.

    The people of Okinawa have demonstrated again and again the dissent voice about the presence of the U.S. armed forces in Okinawa. They did so in the massive rally of 65,000 in June –the largest in two decades – as well as in the local results of recent national legislative elections, where Okinawa’s antimilitary candidate triumphed.
     And the day after the national elections, the Japanese government restarted its backlash in Okinawa beginning from the tiny district of Takae, where 150 residents have been confronted with this national security issue since 1996.

 Takae is calling for your help!
 Share our voice of "No Osprey, No Helipads in Takae, Okinawa!".
 Let your voice be heard to the U.S. and Japanese governments!

No Helipad Takae's brief history in English is here: Voice of Takae (English/ PDF)

Check out the blog: No Helipad Takae Resident Society 
(Google translate would work somehow, with your imagination as the grassroots people. :-)

Revised on July 14, thanks friends for comments!