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Documentary About Okinawa Featuring VFP Members

I found that Veterans for Peace introduced a TV documentary of Okinawa about former US soldiers rising up against the U.S. base construction at Okinawa on their site.

Most of the interview scenes are spoken in English, so it is worth watching for the audience in the United States. Here is a roughly translated script with time stamps (though it needs a lot of correction ;-(). Hope it helps you until an official English subtitle would be released!

テロリストは僕だった~基地建設反対に立ち上がる... por tvpicup2016

[00:00:20] San Diego, California
Narration: San Diego, U.S. Navy's home town in the west coast.

[00:00:45] Mike Haynes, veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps

Narration: Mike got motivated to join the military when he was a high school student in Georgia.

Narration: He joined the Marine Corps right after the graduation because of patriotism to serve the nation.

[00:02:17] Camp Schwab in Henoko, Nago City

Narration: Why veterans are sitting-in in Okinawa?

[00:03:19] Title: I was terrorizing: Veterans stand against the military base construction in Okinawa

Narration: Mike was honored to be a superb sniper in Iraq War. He held a rifle for the first time as a recruit when he was eighteen.

[00:04:37] Eric Zilmer, Drexel University, professor of neuropsychology

[00:05:35] Recruit office at Times Square, New York
Narration: You can have an interview anytime you want. They appeal a bunch of benefits like medical care, housing, education, and so on.

Narration: There are the bread lines in the gap-widening society of America.

[00:07:12] 19-year-old woman aspiring to join the Navy

Narration: "Join the military and make your dream come true" is a myth.

[00:07:55] Wendy McClinton, Black Veterans for Social Justice

Narration: People come to the support office for help. It is difficult to return to a normal life once you become a soldier.

Narration: In fact, many are caught in homelessness after retired.

[00:09:12] an Army veteran, 34 years old

[00:09:31] an Army veteran, 40 years old

Narration: Never the less, military services are admired.

[00:10:16] A high school student

Narration: Soldiers are praised as heroes of their hometown. What kind of reason guides younger generations to go to the military?

[00:10:54] A Navy soldier, born in New York, 23-year-old.

[00:11:21] A Navy soldier, born in New York, 22 year old.

[00:12:06] Berkeley, California

[00:12:16] General meeting of the Veterans for Peace, August 2016.

[00:12:28] Barry Ladendorf, Board President of VFP

Narration: About 4500 members of Veterans from more than 120 chapters in the world are discussing for a peaceful society without arms.

Narration: A photo exhibition was set up for Henoko to explain about the construction of a new base.

Narration: Mike has once been stationed in Okinawa as a marine.

[00:13:56] New York, September 11, 2001

[00:14:33] Iraq War broke out, March 2003

[00:14:47] Prime Minister of Japan, Koizumi
Narration: Japan promptly sent Self Defense Forces to show their support of the U.S.

Narration: When Mike went to Iraq, though....
Mike: "We were essentially terrorizing people, even though we were supposed to fighting terrorism."

[00:16:30] Henoko, Nago City, December 2015
Narration: Mike was in the circle of sit-inners resisting the construction of a new military base.

Narration: Mike was not alone who wants to stop construction of military bases in Okinawa.

[00:17:15.106] A Vietnam veteran

[00:17:31] A Vietnam veteran

Many scholars in America also question about the new base construction plan in Henoko.

[00:18:14] John Feffer, expert of the foreign policy for Asia

[00:18:55] General meeting of VFP
Narration: Special Resolution opposing base construction at Henoko and Takae in Okinawa was submitted and accepted as an issue to work through.

Narration: There was a woman who hold a special sentiment to Okinawa.

[00:19:39] Monique Salhab, Board member of VFP, Army veteran

[00:20:21] Crime scene of the rape and murder case, Onna Village, Okinawa
Narration: In April 2016, 20-year-old woman was raped and murdered by the suspect of an ex-Marine male in Okinawa. It reminded her of her experience.

[00:21:26] Don Christensen, President of Protect the Civil Rights of Our Defenders

Narration: Enough is enough for mlitary as well as war. With a simple hope in his mind, Mike sits in with the people in Okinawa.