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DUTY FREE SHOPP.×カクマクシャカ 「民のドミノ」

Tami no Domino  (People’s Domino)
Words & Music By DUTY FREE SHOPP.  x Kakumakushaka
Track Produced By Kakumakushaka

CH-53D Helicopter fell down from the sky
Burnt rubber smell filled the air
Wreckage of the flame scattered in pieces
Majiguwa  Listen!

Yeah, now we feel our future uncertain
Can’t see what lies ahead and ahead and ahead
Ripraps , slaved human rights
Can’t say a thing, ‘cause our thoughts are deprived

Red ribbons tied to the wire fence
Children fly R/C planes along the airstrip on Sunday
Ari , how can grandpa and grandma plow the field on the other side of that wire fence?

It happened on one summer day in 2004
Roaring flame fell down from the sky aiming at the campus building
Something like a firework, but it was the one that made everything junk

In mainland Japan, the press reported on Athens Olympics with enthusiasm
When Okinawa, far and away in the southern sea, had become a battlefield
The media didn’t report what happened here
When the eyes of Kakumaku  saw the outcome
The Tokyo government scrambled for the sake of foreigners
Obviously it is because we are in far and remote area
Many years have passed since 1972
But assaults and accidents still keep happening again and again
Is this within the expectation of the Agreement?
The cleanup crews occupied the university campus
Imprinted on my eyeballs were your smiling faces
As if to say “Thank you” to the Japanese government

It was something we had expected and feared, but somehow forgotten
It did happen on the campus I used to commute everyday
On a sunny day a killing weapon came down from the sky
But it was nothing unusual to the U.S. forces
It could have been a disaster
But the army spokesperson said it was a successful landing
The television screen hides it from us
But out there lies the real world
“It’s nothing but your business, lying close to you
They were already hidden behind the wire fences when I was born
Now I found them laughing on my back
Heavy burden of the U.S. base sits on the island of Okinawa
Textbooks teach us peace and equality in vain
Disgustingly beautiful stories make me sick
Surrounded by weapons in the island of disorder
What the hell can you tell me about peace in the place like this?”

Suppressed by force, we’ve been imprinted that who our god is
Casinos, resorts, companies, heliports, everything is in their hands
Our lives are side by side with military bases
Missiles deployed, oil pipes crawling
Henoko, Futenma, Kadena,
How sweet the rewards are?
Like a drug, it makes you unable to stand by yourself
“We need truth!”

Do something today, or tomorrow will be the same day
‘Cause we are worrying about our future
Organize mobs and attack them with arms
‘Cause the Diet and government are not worth talking to
I love this island where my family lives, and always know what I hate
Starting from Ginowan , slowly down to the south
Breaking through the gates, put fire on cars and crash windows
Kuruse  the blue eyes, useeta mama dewa  we can’t get it over, yattaa
Language or skin color doesn’t matter
Just once, you should see this island without military bases
Riots erupt with people screaming, whole island swelling, people clashes everywhere
Things happen and people are beyond control
Suppression starts with the firing of a warning shot
Next comes SDF

Yeah, now we feel our future uncertain
Can’t see what lies ahead and ahead and ahead
Ripraps, slaved human rights
Can’t say a thing, ‘cause our thoughts are deprived

Ari ari, the US tanks proudly parading down the Root 58
If there are no injuries, shimabinna ?
Bang bang amakuma , target practices with live shells
Unju , kunu manma de , shimabinna?

Though their fire power is menacing, people desperately keep struggling
Pursuing for the light of hope
Though crushed every time, people never give up, keep dreaming about the future
A meaning of peace changes without our knowledge
Worse than that, people are deprived of the sense of being deceived
For whom you are handling such a meaningless argument?
We are always cut out from the bottom line
A soldier punches a kid standing there
He has blue eyes and foreign words, and a human
Who might have been there by the order of someone else
Like government officials, rich people, or any corrupt guys,
But definitely we will reach them in the end
Who can tell the future of this island?

Wow wow, serious and fierce actions,
Raise your fists and gouge out the middle of the sky
Wow wow, aggressive impulses
Bring them down to the earth
This is the furious Tami no Domino (people’s domino)

Words & Music By DUTY FREE SHOPP. ×カクマクシャカ
Track Produced By カクマクシャカ
CH53D型 空から落ちたヘリコプター
焼け焦げたゴムの臭い 飛び散る残骸

Yeah 感じた未来 その先の先の先まで見えない
捨て石 奴隷Human Rights 思考奪われて何も言えない
金網に絡んだ赤いリボン 滑走路日曜飛ばすラジコン

2004 夏の日の事 見上げた空から落ちる炎と
轟音 目掛ける所は学び舎 全てをガラクタに変える花火だ
メディアじゃ日本 燃えてるアテネ 沖縄戦場 南の果てで
起きてる事すら伝えんメディアが 導く結末カクマク目には
外人の為に政府は必死 最果てだからか それは明らか
1972 何年たっても まだまだ増えてく暴行や事故
またまたこれまた協定? 校庭落下のヘリの片付け
笑ったお前が焼き付く 眼球 日本の政府に笑顔でサンキュー

その日は まさかの それだった おお 毎日通ったその場所 カンカン
日照りで 空から殺人兵器が 米軍それでも全然平気
一歩の間違え大惨事 だけど 奴等が言うには成功らしい
俺等に今まで ブラウン管 の向こうの世界は現実だ
「人事ではなく、近くにある。 生まれた時からずっと囲まれて、
こんなに近くで笑ってやがった。 基地が偏ったこの島 沖縄
平和、平等と教える教科書 ムカツク位に綺麗な話
兵器に囲まれ 無くした秩序に この島の何を平和と言う」

力で押さえつけた民を 既にもう刷り込まれた神を
命は基地と隣り泡瀬 ミサイル配備しパイプを這わせ
辺野古・普天間・嘉手納 立てなくなるまでシャブらせたキャンディー 甘めーか?

今やらないなら 明日も同じだ やっぱり俺等は未来を案じる
群集になって武器持ち襲うさ 国会 政府は話になんねぇ
家族が生きてる この島が好きだ 嫌いなモノならハナから知ってる
宜野湾 始まり ゆっくり南下 ゲート突き破り 火をつけ車
ガラスを割ったり 青い眼くるせ うせーたままでは終わらんぜ やったー
言葉も肌とか関係無いやし 基地無いこの島 見てみれ一回
叫んだ暴動 膨れた島中 衝突各地で 収集つかない
事態に発展 押さえる力 威嚇の射撃が 出るぞ自衛隊

Yeah 感じた未来 その先の先の先まで見えない
捨て石 奴隷Human Rights 思考奪われて何も言えない
ありあり58真ん中偉そうに走る戦車 人が怪我しなけりゃしまびんな?
ドンパチドンパチあまくま 実弾演射 うんじゅ くぬまんまでしまびんな?

火力で押される県民達だがそれでも必死に戦う 求めて
希望の光 潰される毎日 それでもいつかと戦う人々
平和の意味すら 摩り替え日常 それすらあまりに実感が無い
意味無し議論で 誰を思うか 肝心な事はまるで分からない
そこに立つガキ 殴った兵隊 青い眼 言葉も通じん 人間 
誰かの命令 なのかもしれない 役人、金持ち腐ったあんたに
耳まで届かす きっと 誰にも分からん この島の先

Wowwo 猛烈な行動 拳を上げろ 天の腹わたエグろう!
Wowwo 強烈な衝動 引き摺り下ろせ 怒りの民のドミノ