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Facts about TAKAE > 80% of Takae residents disapprove helipad construction

"On helipads, 80% “disapprove” in Takae, zero answer for “approve”: Ryukyu Shimpo's survey" Ryukyu Shimpo, August 3, 2016.
(an abridged translation by Project Disagree)

[Report by Team Helipad] Ryukyu Shimpo conveyed a door-to-door survey in the residential districts of Takae, Higashi Village and Aha, Kunigami Village, both are the locations to construct new helipads in the US Marine Corps Northern Training Area. On the question of approval or disapproval about the construction of helipads, in Takae, 80% answered “disapprove,” 20% chose the other options of  “neither” or “no idea”, and zero “approve”. In Aha, 52.5% answered “disapprove”, 5% “approve”, and 42.5% “other”.

Survey on New Helipads by Ryukyu Shimpo
District Question Approve/ Yes (%) Disapprove/ No (%) Other (%)
New helipads construction 0.0 80.0 20.0
It will reduce the burden 8.9 77.8 11.1
Training of Ospreys 0.0 82.2 17.8
New helipads construction 5.0 52.5 42.5
It will reduce the burden 17.5 55.0 27.5
Training of Ospreys 2.5 55.0 42.5

See also, Ayako Sakaguchi, "Takae, a village ward of 140: “Not a single person is in favor” of helipad construction," Ryukyu Shimpo, July 25, 2016.