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What we can do for Takae/ Directory for protests and requests

Takae in emergency!
People needs your help!
Do What You can from your place!
Directory for Protests and Requests
 (Version on Aug. 2012)

Send your voice of “No Helipads, Save TAKAE ” to No Osprey!! 9.9. Prefectural Convention against Deployment of MV-22 Osprey
Executive Office of No Osprey Okinawa September 9 Prefectural Convention
TEL 098-869-1526  FAX 098-869-1529
message form  / FB / twitter

    “Why Takae is counted out of the convention, although all of you are against Osprey?”

    “There is no reason explained for pressing forward with the construction of the Helipads for Osprey. Okinawa Prefecture suspiciously gives the silent approval to the Helipads construction. We cannot pass over those contradictory stance.”

    “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues its brazen behavior by mentioning that there is no discrimination against Takae, while ignoring the district decision of opposing the construction, many petition against it, and the editorials of the news papers concerning Takae. Even does the convention, which will be held under the name of the people of the prefecture, ignore the voice of Takae?”
    “Such as the building of the ‘Vietnam Village’ for the US military invasion training, Agent Orange dispersal, many problems of 20th Century left unsolved in Takae. Do we have to continue to suffer from those even in 21st Century?”

[Anytime, many times. Addresses for PROTESTS ]
Okinawa Defense Policy Bureau  +81-98-921-8131+81-98-921-8168
Ministry of Defense +81-3-5366-3111+81-3-5261-8018Comment form
Cabinet Secretariat+81-3-5253-2111
Comment form
Ministry of Foreign Affairs+81-3-3580-3311
Comment form
US Embassy Japan

US Consulate General Naha

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[For both protests and requests]

Secretariat of Gov. of Okinawa +81-98-866-2460+81-98-869-8979
Higashi village office+81-980-43-2201+81-980-43-2457

[Addresses of the groups of the Pref. Assembly]
Parliamentary group  TELFAX 
Liberal Democratic Party  +81-98-866-2754 +81-98-866-2773 
Shamin Goken Net +81-98-866-2702+81-98-866-2706
Kenmin Net+81-98-866-2697+81-98-866-2588
Communist Party +81-98-866-2756+81-98-866-2577
Okinawa Social Mass Party +81-98-866-2755+81-98-866-6495
Kaikaku No Kai +81-98-866-2584+81-98-866-2575

[Members of the prefectural assembly involved in the Committee of the US Military Bases on Okinawa]
nameOffice TEL directory TEL Internet 
 Kenmin Net
 Arakaki Seiryo+81-98-866-2610+81-98-893-0337 FBtwitter
 Tamaki Yshikazu+81-98-866-2630+81-980-53-6587
 Shamin Goken Net
 Shinzato Yonekichi+81-98-866-2597+81-98-944-0752
 Nakasone Satoru+81-98-866-2592+81-98-958-5142
 Social Mass Party
 Higa Kyoko+81-98-866-2593+81-98-886-3661 Web / FB / twitter
 Maeda Masaaki+81-98-866-2688+81-98-869-8151 WebForm
 Gushi Kosuke+81-98-866-2608+81-98-857-2015 Web
 Suematsu Bunshin+81-98-866-2629+81-980-52-0809
 Nakagawa Kyoki+81-98-866-2690+81-98-957-2510
 Matayoshi Seigi+81-98-866-2621+81-98-898-3882
 Komeito Nonpartisan
 Yoshida Katsuhiro+81-98-866-2017+81-98-968-4767
 Kaikaku No Kai
 Goya Hiroshi+81-98-866-2886+81-98-893-7960

[Members of the National Diet from Okinawa]
 Akamine Seiken
TEL +81-98-862-6232
FAX +81-98-862-6487     
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-3508-7196
FAX +81-3-3508-3626
Okinawa Office
TEL +81-98-862-7521
FAX +81-98-862-7735
 Itokazu Keiko
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-6550-0712
FAX +81-3-6551-0712
Okinawa Office
TEL +81-98-835-4670
FAX +81-98-835-4672
 Teruya Kantoku 
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-3508-7069
FAX +81-3-3508-3849
Okinawa Office
TEL +81-98-896-1810
FAX +81-98-896-1819
 Yamauchi Tokushin
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-6550-0514
FAX +81-3-6551-0514
Okinawa Office
Tand F +81-98-958-6081
 Zukeran Chobin
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-3508-7245
FAX +81-3-3508-3515
Okinawa Office
TEL +81-98-888-6041
FAX +81-98-888-6046
 Tamaki Denny
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-3508-7284
Okinawa Office 
TEL +81-98-929-2416
FAX +81-98-929-2005
 Shimajiri Aiko
Tokyo Office
TEL +81-3-6550-0405
FAX +81-3-6551-0405
Okinawa Office
TEL +81-98-875-1458
 Shimoji Mikio