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Feb 1st, No Dumping, Human Dumpling@SF

No Dumping, Human Dumpling=Solidarity with Occupy Tokyo
Time 12:00pm until 3:00pm
@ Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco

Call for Action/ No Dumping, Human Dumpling Action in Solidarity with Occupy(Decolonize) Tokyo/Japan.

Time: Wednesday, Feb 1st, Noon. (let's keep it short for our precious time to do other stuff!)
時間: 2月1日(水)正午(私たちの貴重な時間を大切にしたいので、短くショワショワっとやりましょう)
Place: Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
サンフランシスコ領事館前(50 Fremont St/Mission St. San Francisco)

Who participates?: Anybody who is against Japan's brutal occupation and control over people who are affected by its nuclear/military/economic policies.

What do we do?: This is a non-violent peaceful protest. You can 1) come to witness, record, and support, 2) make a speech or bring idea to the open-mic during the press conference, 3) sign or write messages on letters to the consulate and struggling communities in Japan, 4) join the "No Dumping, Human Dumpling" action for a period of time that is not uncomfortable for you.
何をするの?:今回の行動は(も!)非暴力で平和的抗議行動です。1) 足を運んでみて、見届ける、あなたのブログやフェイスブックやビデオなどに記録したりの応援、2) オープン・マイクの時にしゃべったり、情報やアイデアの共有をする、3)その場で領事館や或いは様々なコミュニティへのメッセージを書いて届ける, 4)「人ごみポイ捨て禁止行動♥」に、こころと身体の負担がない範囲で参加していただく…など、関わり方は様々です。

Why?/ Purpose of this protest:
Did you hear about 1) the threat of eviction against the Fukushima anti-nukes protesters' in front of the Ministry of Economy and Industry in Tokyo (a.k.a Occupy Tokyo), 2) forcible fencing down eviction of Koto Ward tent city of homeless community, and 3) forcible construction of military helipads in Takae village, Okinawa?
We also heard from each struggle that 1) over 750 people supported and stopped the eviction last Friday at METI, 2) independent journalists and supporters are now reporting from Koto Ward about the struggle, and 3) Okinawans stopped the submission of the crucial assessment report to delay the construction. Also, delegates from the communities are now visiting Occupy Washington D.C. and giving teach-ins with anti-base activists from other communities.
All of these brutality and resistance happened in the last seven days only. We do not know how to overcome all at once, but we certainly know that these are familiar Japanese (and multi-national) government's response to people's struggles and resistance.
We are individuals in the Bay Area, who support the struggles of people in Japan, trying to find commonalities between struggles across the ocean. Bring your good wills to meet up this time to stand in solidarity.

ご存知のように1) 東京の経済産業省前で、脱原子力を実現しようとする福島の人々をはじめとする抗議のためのテント村(オキュパイ・東京としても知られる)が、強制撤去命令を受け( , 2) 東京都の江東区の荒川河川敷にある野宿者のテント・コミュニティがフェンスで包囲された上に弾圧をされ( 、3) 沖縄の辺野古では、米軍ヘリパッド基地に反対する地域住民達の集落に早朝から合意もなく防衛局や建設業者が押し寄せています。(
人々は抵抗を続けています。1)先週金曜日には約750名が経産省前に応援で駆けつけ、とりあえず脱原子力の抗議テントは続いています。2) 江東区のテント村強制撤去については、インディペンデントのメディアや人々が全国から押し寄せ、この事実を世界に知らせて食い止めようとしています。3) 沖縄では工事に必要なアセス調書の提出を人々が食い止めたり、現在若者たちがオキュパイ・ワシントンDCを訪問してティーチ・インを行っています。

What is "No Dumping, Human Dumpling" ?:
The point of action is to acknowledge that Japanese and other governments and industry (military, name a few) are treating people like garbage. Depending on our value (your educational background, your visa status, your level of language competency, your income, class, race, ethnicity, caste, sexual orientation, gender, physical condition, distance from urban areas and social resources and etc), we are disposed in different ways.
I am writing up narratives from an anti-nuke perspective.
For example, if you were exposed too much to radioactivity internally, for example, your body should not be cremated. But maybe because you are working for a company that does not allow you to unionize, you cannot escape. You are needed by the government to function your country, but you are a garbage.
Another example, if you were a mother in Chiba, even if you want to evacuate, Chiba is not considered "dangerous" because the government and the industry does not recognize nuclear hotspots in Chiba. You resist to this violence through carefully reducing intakes and exposure to radiation, or circulate knowledge around nuclear contamination and policies. But nevertheless, as long as the government cover-ups the contamination and does not give you any compensation for the damage, you are a garbage.
In order to visualize and articulate this, some of us can actually be in garbage bags on the street in front of the consulate. You can put your entire body in it, or your head or feet can come out. It will not make a peaceful, clean, or safe atmosphere for the onlookers, or could be disturbing to even fellow protesters. But that's the point. We are against dumping people.
Nobody will be forced to take a part in this action, but there will be somebody at the place who provides garbage bags. Ask the person that you want to give it a try.
人ごみポイ捨て禁止行動♥a.k.a 人巻きギョーザ・アクションとは?: